Weighted Tape Dispensers (2 Pack Includes Tape Rolls and Letter Opener)




Professional elegance and convenience with this Tape Dispenser, Tape Refill, and Letter Opener Bundle.

PACKAGE INCLUDES: 2 Black Weighted Desktop Tape Dispensers, 2 Rolls of 3/4 inch Residue-Free Tape, and 1 Joe’s Shop USA Letter Opener

NON-SLIP DESIGN: Tape dispenser is specially designed for one-handed operation with its heavy weighted base and non-slip pads.

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Made with non-toxic, ABS plastic, and a razor sharp stainless steel cutting blade. These tape dispensers are built to withstand daily office or home use.

COMPATIBLE TAPE: Accepts tape sizes 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch wide, up to 1500 inches long. Works well with Scotch Magic Tape (810K6) and Staples Invisible Tape (52477).


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